Telling children to concentrate

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Dec 04 2018

” Concentrate and listen to Gavin”

The parting words of a loving and well intended parent when they leave their child with me for a golf session.

Part of the reason for me writing this post was due a chat with a parent about their child’s concentration in general, but i was sharing with her how he was at golf with me.

The child would have moments of concentration on what i’d set up. Then it would drift to something else. His Mother told me about how he doesn’t concentrate enough on what’s in front of him and then it has an impact on his ability to achieve what he’s doing. She saw this as a problem, i saw it as it is.

For it to be anything else would suggest that WE think the/our child should be doing it better or that they should have it by now. So it’s actually more of an insecurity we have rather than the child’s issue. A bit of a hit for our ego, hey!

I pointed the Mother towards her own experiences around concentration. We’ve all been in a conversation with another adult and suddenly caught ourselves not listening to what they are saying. For me this is no different to a child’s concentration drifting in and out on any given subject.

I notice children’s behaviors, don’t get me wrong but i’ll pay more attention to what’s going on ‘beneath the surface’ , this is what’s driving the behaviors. Don’t get me wrong here, if a child is being a danger to themselves or others they are told. If a child is being out of line then i will address this, but with the knowledge that there is something that was driving that action. I’m sympathetic to this.

Children really appreciate when adults let them play, concentrate and learn at their speed and level. It’s partly why some coaches or teachers have such a high retention rate towards the same children coming back to play their sport or activity.

Lots more to this particular topic of course.

If something jumps out at you on this please do get in touch, i’d love to chat and would happily share some time on this.

Gavin Clark



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