The confusion around needing to be confident to play good golf

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Dec 04 2018

Somehow I’ve managed to win some golf competitions. I’ve even managed to set x2 course records (they’ve been broken since).

During these rounds i have felt at times, a million dollars and then in the same round of golf I’ve felt AWFUL. And i mean awful. Honestly if someone offered me the chance to pick up my ball telling me ” it’s alright Gav, you don’t have to play this shot” ……i would have been really grateful and done just that.

But that wasn’t a realistic option and if i did i’d of looked weird (yes, more than i do already). I had to play the shot. So I did, and feeling anything other than confident, i got and okay result. I chipped it quite close (to a couple of feet away from the flag) and putted in for a new course record.

” Oh yeah but your a Pro Gav, it’s different fro you. “  REALLY????? So my skill-set and technique are better than yours YET I STILL FEEL A LACK OF CONFIDENCE!!! Even with a half decent technique and ability i still feel cr#p.

What am i getting at here? A lot of gofers tell me it’s having the confidence to do something that really helps them. I’m here to tell you it’s not. Even if the confidence is there or not the shot and swing NEVER change. Go with the constant. Yes we all need to improve our knowledge and skill-set at our golf games.  As Nike would say  ” Just do it “.

The feeling we have that we all refer to as confidence it a by-product of a clear mind. We fall into it and it can’t be called upon at will. If it was why don’t all athletes do it all the time if it’s that easy. We don’t need confidence to do anything. We do need to be more physically skilful and knowledgeable. Sure.

Go with what’s there every time. That is -the shot and the swing that will achieve the shot.



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