£10 golf lesson for you to improve your game

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Dec 19 2018


Thanks for clicking on the article and I’m thrilled you are interested in playing better golf because I am too. Firstly a couple of truths.

Truth no.1 – During the £10 golf lesson i seriously doubt you’ll get better at golf. Yep, leave now if you wish, quite understandable. I don’t want you to be disappointed so I’ll say it again…….. during the offer of a £10 golf lesson i seriously doubt you’ll improve. Yet :O)

Truth no.2 – The £10 golf lesson lasts 15 minutes.

So what is the 15 minute lesson about???? – It’s a glimpse for you to see what’s possible for your golf game. You can come along with a particular problem area in your golf game and I will tell what you have to do in order to improve. Simple and effective. So stop guessing and apply what’s critical.

I want golfers to come along that want to GET better at golf and are on the look out for a Coach who they feel actually cares and will be able to help them. So treat the  £10 lesson as a bit of an audition for you to suss me out.

I haven’t got any magic fairy dust to sprinkle on you, there is no fix and nothing is broken. Come along with the attitude of  ” I’m going to see what i can learn today that will help my golf, I’m also going to see what i can let go of that is doing harm to my game”. 

Times/dates on offer;

Sunday 6th January (2019) at 1pm, 1.30 or 2pm

Monday 7th January at 09:45, 10:15 or 10:45

Tuesday 8th January at  1pm, 1.30 or 2pm

Call 07789 766 872 to book Or email golfpro@gavclark.com





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