A way to go about being when playing golf with your children

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Jan 29 2019

(Disclaimer – The below content might be of no help to you. You may feel i am being completely out or order and rude. You might disagree with 99% of it. Remember this is okay, you can close the article down and never think about it again.

However if there is anything that resonates or helps you then great. I’m pleased.

” The thing is Gavin when i’m with Dad at the driving Range he tells me all those things that you say not to to do “.


This what a a junior golfer said to me at the weekend . It was a lovely alarm bell for me as i need to do a better job relaying to her parents what she had been doing in the lesson with her golf game.

NOTE : – An example of the things her Dad and many parents say that don’t help are…… Keep your head still, keep your eye on the ball, keep your left arm straight, keep your arms straight, flex your right knee, swing slow. Sound familiar ?You get the gist.

So what should you as a parent say to your child when at golf? – Well one answer is nothing when it comes to their golf game. I’ve seen you play golf and you’re not very good so please don’t impose your way on your child……….Too honest too soon?

Another way would be to be their Parent. Trust me i don’t Parent your child. Whenever a conversation comes up around something that requires your input (the parent) i say to them…. ” you’ll have to ask Mum or Dad ” .

I play the role of a golf coach. So you don’t have to be a golf coach. Every time you catch yourself talking about their golf game stop talking about it. Seriously I’ve seen you play golf and you have enough to absorb yourself there as you need to do it in a more appropriate way. Too early again for honesty ?

If your son/daughter asks you something about their golf shots/game go for your life. Knock yourself out. This is a green light as your child is asking you.

I get that we all are going to do what we have had done to us. I totally understand and I empathise. But if you are going to spend your hard earned money on coaching sessions please don’t then say anything contrary to what your child and I have been covering.

I think Johan Cruyff said it nicely ;

Lastly, part of my role as a Golf Coach is to support you so i will do my best to help you know what it is we’ve been covering in the golf sessions. If i’m not doing that tell me (gently)


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