Why do children sometimes play brilliantly and then other times like a monster?

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Mar 04 2019

I saw a great question yesterday. Someone asked why the group of children they Coach suddenly played beautifully and without fear. They commented about how the children were expressing themselves, trying new tricks, smiling a lot, were very engaged and simply……seemed to love the whole occasion.

In other instances the Coach found the children not to be like this. Almost the opposite.

All of us would love children (or any human being) to be like the were in the fist scenario given. Out of their heads and quite simply playing.

The Coach then asked ” Why were the children like this in this instance?”

Great question.

For me the children saw the occasion as something different and as they had some different thinking around the whole event.

Our performance is driven from the inside-out. By this I mean that how we are moment to moment and how much we believe our thinking in the moment to be true is going to govern how we see the world. Whilst it looks like its that idiotic driver who’s just cut us up is making us angry it actually isn’t. We’re feeling our thinking.

We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are”    Anaïs Nin


Find a Coach who can grasp that how a child is at any point is going to govern what they say and what they do.

Gavin Clark, Golf Coach


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