Me – “I haven’t told them the results of the match “. ” Adult – ” Really???”

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Jul 22 2019

Being involved with children playing golf i have seen what is really important.  The below quote isn’t specific to golf but the message is the same. I’d also like to emphasise the word at the beginning of the quote…… sometimes.


I was chatting to someone the other day and when i told them that i don’t share with the children the results from certain golf matches they were genuinley surprised. ” it’s all about winning”…….. well yeah it’s part of it and i agree. But i always think it’s important to ……. ;

So what REALLY matters when it comes to children playing golf? Well, one topic is helping them develop skills that will help them in life. It’s highly likely they will be out in the world working and being around people. A recent example was two juniors who don’t get on, had an altercation in the lesson, words were exchanged. But guess what??? We are often around people we’d rather not be with. We often have to work with people we don’t like.

Another example was a parent who shared with me that his children weren’t particularly engaged with their golf shots when they were in a match. Guess what???? As adults we’re not always engaged when we’re at work but we’ve learned that this is natural and to ‘ stay in the game ‘ and get back to the task in hand…. whatever that might be. I shared this with the juniors not to excuse it – more to highlight how it is for all of us and that the really successful people are those that can alter it so that it happens less and less. The juniors played a couple of weeks later and were more focused on their shots.

A Parent was sharing with me the other day that because of being at the golf club (Winter Hill) their son was surrounded by loving, caring, honest and fun people. So that was a big contributing factor as how his son became. The parent said his son really could have gone the other way but the environment of a Golf Club was instrumental in shaping this young person.

Another wonderful example recently is of a child who has been having a tough time at school. Through golf they found a sport and culture that doesn’t discard them if they don’t fit the criteria or aren’t good enough. They found that they could play golf, learn, get better and all at their own rate as it’s all self-referenced.

“Our job as a coach is not to correct everything, it is to observe them (young athletes) solving the problems themselves.”

Have you ever seen a child’s face light up when they have worked it out and problem solved a puzzle themselves? It’s great to see. Let’s not rob them of that. Wouldn’t it be great if every child gets better at problem solving? Isn’t this going to help them in life?

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