The biggest breakthroughs for my golf game

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Nov 17 2020

I’d play great in a roll up. Id also play great with mates too. But then come to Tournaments and I’d end up shooting 82 ! I was full of fear, the metaphorical hand-break was on and I ended up hitting shots and shooting scores that were awful.

Right lets cut to the chase.

1 – The first biggest breakthrough for my golf game was an understanding of myself. I started to understand that I didn’t need to have positive thinking. All thinking is as arbitrary as each other. Labelling a thought as positive or negative is just more thinking .

Have you ever stood over a putt thinking ” I’ve no idea here, this is never going in” and then it does. I didn’t need to maintain positive body language, it had nothing to with playing good golf. After all I saw Tiger Woods win the Open at Hoylake and when he was walking down the fairway he was looking down at his feet most of the time. I didn’t need breathing exercises either. I breath naturally and call me big headed but I think I’m quite good at it too, although I am asthmatic.

I started to see that I’d hit really good shots feeling shit. Then I’d also hit shit shots feeling a million dollars. So actually I don’t need to think in a particular way. Something that I was repeatedly told I should be doing. It was trying to think this way that that was getting in the way.

What’s important I hear you ask. Well the two things, and they are

1 – What is the shot?

2 – What swing will I need to execute do that shot.

How I feel moment to moment is just that, how I’m feeling and it has ZERO to do with my golf game. I don’t have to do anything, say anything or think in a particular way in order to play my golf shot, I can’t tell you how freeing it is.

Yep I still get nervous. Yep I still feel anxious. Yep there are occasion where i don’t want to hit the shot. I still get the same thoughts and feelings….. It’s juts that I’ve seen through it and i don’t care that i feel that way. I know that feeling wont be there (until i think about it again). Give me the yardage, let me assess the lie , let me select a club and let me work out what feel of swing will do the shot in hand.

But don’t take my word for it, there juts the language I’ve used for my own experiences. That’s what got me in to the mess I was in. Look to your own experiences and wisdom. That’s what is really important.

Look at it this way. You, me and everyone are the blue sky, its always there. Everything else, anger/worry/anxiety/beliefs/hopes…… is simply just the weather. Forever changing.

Gavin Clark


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