Another breakthrough for my golf game

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Nov 18 2020

Right I’m just going to come out with it. Another huge breakthrough for my golf game has been me playing my attention 100% on the clubface as it’s this that will tell the golf ball what to do. Golf balls do as they are told, the club face that tells the golf ball where to go and it’s my responsibility to tell the clubface what to do. If the golf ball doesn’t go where I want it then I need to tell the clubface something different.

That’s it. Simple hey? Once I let go of what my body is doing or should be doing…. I started to improve. My attention went to the club face and swinging that in a way that would tell the ball what to do (given the shot)

Part of the reason I sucked at golf for years was because I went about it in a completely un-natural way. Imagine trying to hit a nail in straight with a hammer by placing my attention on how my wrist is going to be hinging, or wore still trying to keep my head still.

” That’s ridiculous Gavin, why are you talking about hammers and nails. Of course it’s different to golf.

Well yes it is different, we use different tools. But how great do we get at using hammers and nails? Pretty good I’d say. And we don’t need training aids or a Coach to help us. Take any motor skill and its learnt by placing our attention on the tool and the task. Golf hasn’t been approached in this manner. Its 180 deg in the opposite direction and its largely this reason as to why most golfers experience such vast differences from one round of golf to the next.

A lot of my job when giving golf lessons is undoing beliefs and helping people let go of what they think to be the way to go about golf.

Gavin Clark


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