One reason why golf is continually hit and miss for you

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Nov 30 2020

Right, let’s cut right to the chase. One reason why golf is SO elusive and indifferent for people is because their attention isn’t on what’s critical. All the golf ball cares about is what the club face tells it upon impact.

If a golfer is trying to keep head down, then have a guess at what they get good at??????? Yep you guessed it keeping their head still. If there is a trophy for this you’ll win. CONGRATULATIONS. We’ve been fed the incorrect idea that if we keep our head down it will, as if by magic, get the clubhead doing what we need it has to do (given the shot). NEWSFLASH…….. It wont.

The best golfers are those who get their golf ball going the required distance coupled with required accuracy, they have great control of what’s happening through impact. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The only way you can tell if it’s the right way for you is if the golf ball does does what you want it to do. Imagine that, using the ball as feedback and not a means of frustration.

Now for some audience participation. For this you’ll need to two things.

1-Leave your EGO some place else, and 2- think about what your swing thought is currently. For the sake of this article I used the classic “I’m trying to keep my head down” cliche but you can use your own to make it a bit more relatable. “But Gav I’ve hit great shots when I’ve kept my head down “. I get it, it does seem that way, but the shot wasn’t great because you kept your head still. The shot was great because the club met the ball correctly through impact and it just so happen to coincide with you trying to keep your head still (read that last sentence again). The focus being on keeping your head still was correlate to a good shot, but NOT the cause. This is why on the next shot when you try and keep your head still you invariably hit a bad shot. Yet on both shots I’ve no doubt you DID kept your head still. Then comes the inevitable ” oh well I must have lifted my head “. The golf ball doesn’t care if you moved your head or not. In lessons I’ve used video to show golfers that their head was as still in both swings. Ironically their head/mind is blown by this. See the golfers below who’d heads have definitely moved before impact. Both major winners too.

I comment i hear a lot is “I know what I want to do, I just can’t always do it” . Correct. Nobody in the world can. Even the golfers on the PGA tour don’t. PGA tour average fairways hit per round is 60%. But now throw in the fact that golfer’s attention isn’t on things that aren’t critical you start to see why golfers reduce their chances of making a golf swing that will execute the shot at hand.


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