About me

I started playing golf when I was 11yrs old, 21 years ago. I loved sport and golf was no different. I couldn?t wait to get out on the golf course and copy my idols.

I was practising as much as I could, hitting balls for hours and perfecting my swing, grip, backswing etc, or so I thought. I was achieving all these positions in the golf swing I thought were important. I was the one on the range ?fixing my faults?.

At the end of all this practice I had got worse!! How could that be? Why was golf different to all the other sports I had played? Why was golf a difficult game? If you’re honest this may ring true to you too.

In short golf isn?t different?. which is the great news.

Fortunately I found a coach who encouraged me to develop skill as opposed to having a perfect looking swing. He encouraged me to just hit shots, to play by feel as opposed to achieving positions in my swing.
I now play golf the same way I learnt other sports. It?s had a massive impact on my playing and coaching.

I want to be the coach that helps you to be the golfer you know you are, have fun, hit shots and play the game.

The natural and instinctive way I coach is effective and most of all GREAT FUN. Golf is not a hard game.